Sunday, August 26, 2012

Power of genealogy collaboration!!!

So in the past few months, I restarted my blog and began seriously trying to get in touch with other cousins working on my Richardson family. And already have hit pay dirt.

Cousin 1: descendant of Joseph Richardson through daughter Philinda (Richardson) Nash.

Cousin 2: descendant of Jonathan Richardson (II) through daughter Sarah (Richardson) Davis.

Cousin 3: descendant of Daniel Richardson through daughter Diadamia (Richardson) Payne Fellows, through a son I did not know existed.

Cousin 4: descendant of John Richardson through son William Richardson.

I'm a descendant of Joseph and John, as their children were first cousins and married each other.

I didn't realize until I just typed this out that I have recently met cousins of the four known branches of the sons of Jonathan Richardson (I).

Hopefully we will be able to break through the wall to find the origins of Jonathan Richardson (I), aka the progenitor. Through newspaper advertisements and a letter I have from the 1950s, we have realized that this problem has been extant for at least 60 years. I keep reminding myself that the people we are researching lived nearly 300 years ago, and we (as a society) are still learning new things about items such as Viet Nam and World War II.

I'm doing my genealogy happy dance though, to have found so many cousins. And all this just a week before my birthday, too!

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