Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Visit to the Allen County Public Library

So in August, when I was in Indiana for work, I got to attended the Federation of Genealogical Societies conference, as well as take advantage of the resources located at the Allen County Public Library.  I spent *a lot* of time at the library, including staying my first night in Fort Wayne until midnight - when it was technically 11pm CDT, but I had gotten up at 3am to catch my flight, so, yeah.  Long day.

Highlights of the conference were the first session I attended on coal mining and its records - my main reason for wanting to go the conference in the first place; a session on Pennsylvania records that discussed a resource that I had not previously used, the 1798 Federal Direct Tax for PA; meeting some great people; and learning so much from just being in the proximity of so many genealogists.  On Saturday night I went to dinner with a whole bunch of people who read Dick Eastman's newsletter - pictures from this event can be found here, including one of me!  (Though I look terrible in that photo!)

So I got to do a ton of research while I was in the library.  One was the 1798 Federal Direct Tax for PA already mentioned; I found at least one of my ancestors - and was able to scan the entire township of Wheatfield in Westmoreland Co, PA - where a ton of "my people" were located.  I will have to go looking for this roll of film again; I have lots of ancestors that should be in PA by this point.  Also, I spent lots of time with the NY State census records.  These, too, were a resource I had never used before.  I had a great time with them, as well.  Here, too, I need to get some more rolls of film and "finish" looking for some family groups.  The state census records are filling in the gaps quite nicely for some of those crazy Richardsons in western New York.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Clinton Liberal Institute - 1884

This post includes images of the program for the Fourth Annual Public of the Clionian Society at the Clinton Liberal Institute, from June 1884.  This program, like the rest of the Clinton Liberal Institute papers, were found in my great-great aunt's possessions after she died.  It was her mother and aunt that attended the school.

Names included in this program:
C. A. Wilber, President
H. C. Walker, Vice-President
Geo. B. Cary, Secretary
C. H. Ballou, Treasurer
E. A. Ballou, Chaplain
W. A. Dunckel, 1st Critic
Jas. E. Dewey, Jr, 2nd Critic
J. D. Corby
F. R. Smith
L. C. Ehle
Signor P. Melti
A. Martin
D. G. Martin
Geo. Seymour
Fred Hanford
F. Titus
A. M. Banker
B. K. Helmer
Wm. England



Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Clinton Liberal Institute - Photo 1

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This photo of the Clinton Liberal Institute was found in my great-great aunt's things after she died. This is the first in a series of photos and artifacts from CLI. Contact me if you would like a better digital image than the one uploaded here.

New Genealogy Blog - Why?

Hello to all reading this very new blog.  I know, another genealogy blog.  I'm taking a page from some other bloggers and making this an outlet for current research rather than posting "thoughts on genealogy as a whole" - at least most of the time.  I want a place to "showcase" some of my artifacts that I think can help people if they are looking for them, and my newest website (though not so new) hasn't been picked up by google in over six months, and I have had no visitors.  So, new sandbox!  Hopefully someone will find what I am offering and it will be useful.  For example, I have quite a few bits from the Clinton Liberal Institute that was in Fort Plain, New York, because my great-great grandmother and her sister both attended there in the 1880s.  There very little on CLI on the internet currently.

Anyways, WELCOME!