Saturday, June 16, 2012

How Popular was your Name? SNGF - Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

On challenge from Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings, tonight's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun is to use the Popular Baby Names section of the Find the Best website to discover the popularity of your first name.

Though I spell my name without the 'h,' I always use both Sara and Sarah for searching.

For Sara:
1880s: Rank-121, percent with name-0.152%, Number-2,127
1890s: Rank-140, percent with name-0.1325%, Number-3,119
1900s: Rank-143, percent with name-0.1355%, Number-4,210
1910s: Rank-115, percent with name-0.1811%, Number-15,405
1920s: Rank-128, percent with name-0.1702%, Number-21,098
1930s: Rank-130, percent with name-0.1653%, Number-18,252
1940s: Rank-134, percent with name-0.1361%, Number-20,270
1950s: Rank-171, percent with name-0.1038%, Number-20,477
1960s: Rank-163, percent with name-0.1219%, Number-23,041
1970s: Rank-50, percent with name-0.346%, Number-56,927
1980s: Rank-30, percent with name-0.5672%, Number-104,000
1990s: Rank-43, percent with name-0.3672%, Number-72,076
2000s: Rank-69, percent with name-0.2239%, Number-40,809

For Sarah:
1880s: Rank-16, percent with name-1.0513%, Number-14,715
1890s: Rank-31, percent with name-0.7289%, Number-17,154
1900s: Rank-44, percent with name-0.5583%, Number-17,342
1910s: Rank-50, percent with name-0.4479%, Number-38,107
1920s: Rank-58, percent with name-0.3772%, Number-46,764
1930s: Rank-60, percent with name-0.3305%, Number-36,493
1940s: Rank-76, percent with name-0.2683%, Number-39,945
1950s: Rank-107, percent with name-0.2026%, Number-39,957
1960s: Rank-90, percent with name-0.2323%, Number-43,900
1970s: Rank-19, percent with name-0.7218%, Number-118,000
1980s: Rank-5, percent with name-1.4771%, Number-272,000
1990s: Rank-4, percent with name-1.1413%, Number-224,000
2000s: Rank-12, percent with name-0.6371%, Number-116,000

The 1980s were the most popular decade for 'Sara' and the second most popular for 'Sarah.'  No wonder that every time I hear the name "Sara" my head turns to see if someone is talking to me or not. :-)

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun at GeneaMusings.
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