Friday, June 15, 2012

DNA Tests - Y-DNA from Dad and DNA summary

Well, the Y-DNA results are in for my dad.  We tested through FamilyTreeDNA; around 2007 I had tested with FamilyTreeDNA for my mtDNA as a birthday present.  Previously, on a lark, both Dad and myself had done the genetic testing through 23andme.

FamilyTreeDNA's result for my mtDNA haplogroup in 2007 was U2.  The new testing (autosomal) via 23andme (and subsequently transferred to my account at FamilyTreeDNA) gives a mtDNA haplogroup result as U2e1a.  23andme gives matches for me in their Global Similarity section in Northern Europe.  For RelativeFinder matches, the closest I have are two 3rd-5th/ cousins.

The transferred data to FamilyTreeDna gives a 94.16% population matches in Western Europe (Basque, French, Orcadian, and Spanish populations) and 5.84% population matches in Europe (Tuscan, Romanian, and Sardinian populations).  The margin of error is 6.29%.  For FamilyFinder matches, I have two close matches of 2nd-4th cousins.

I transferred Dad's 23andme autosomal tests to FamilyTreeDNA as well.  From 23andme he got mtDNA results of haplogroup H and Y-DNA results of R1b1b2a1a.  His results in the Global Similarity section are matches in Northern Europe.  For RelativeFinder matches, the closest Dad has are two 3rd-5th/ cousins.

The transferred data to FamilyTreeDNA gives a 93.90% population match in Western Europe (Orcadian population only) and 6.10% population match in the Middle East (Palestinian, Adygei, Bedouin South, Druze, Iranian, and Jewish populations). The margin of error is 1.93%.  For FamilyFinder matches, the closest Dad has is one person who is a 2nd-4th cousin, though we can't figure out how we are related.

Dad's Y-DNA matches are pretty much a bust.  We ordered a 67-marker test, and have no matches until the 25-marker test, and none of those are exact matches. 

Earliest known Y-DNA ancestor is Frank Xaver/Xavier Gredler (b. 11 Nov 1858, Stumm, Tirol, Austria[1], d. 24 June 1914, Barre, Washington Co, Vermont).[2]  His death certificate gives his parents names as Frank Gredler and [--?--] Prutoz.  He emigrated from Bremen, Germany on 11 Jan 1888, traveled on the ship Ems, and landed at Castle Garden in New York City on 23 Jan 1888.[3]

Dad's Middle East population matches almost certainly stem from Frank Xaver's wife Elizabeth Brunck.  She was born 29 Feb 1872 in Oberotterbach, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany[4] and died 7 Mar 1954 in Norwich, New London Co, Connecticut.[5]  She emigrated from Antwerp, Belgium in Dec 1893 on the ship Westernland, and landed at Ellis Island on 3 Jan 1894.[6]  She traveled with her sister Rosina Brunck.  Their parents were George Jakob Brunck and Margaretha Brunck;[7] I haven't yet figured out how the two Brunck families are related.  The Lutheran church records for Oberotterbach are on microfilm and I have used some of those, but they do not go back quite far enough.

(Some of these sources need to be rewritten.)

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