Sunday, July 29, 2012

Post Index - Analysis of a 19th Century mug book entry

Master post index for the series of posts analyzing the 19th century county history biography and related records of the Patrick and Nancy (Laughlin) Mahan family of Indiana Co, Pennsylvania.

Post 1 - The County History entry.

Post 2a - Census records of Patrick and Nancy (Laughlin) Mahan

Post 2b - Census records of John and Patrick Mahan

Post 3 - Tombstones

Post 4a - Naturalization Records of Patrick Mahan (wife Nancy Laughlin)

Post 4b - Naturalization Records of Patrick Mahan (son of John Mahan)

Post 5 - Newspapers

Post 6a - Probate Books

Post 6b - Probate Papers

Post 6c - Probate: The Other Books

Post 7 - Deeds

Post 8 - The Final Reconciliation

Post 9 - Epilogue (i.e. Records still waiting....)
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