Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Civil War Journal" episodes from the History Channel

So I think I might have come up with a final episode list for "Civil War Journal" from the History Channel. I have been recording this series for years - since 2006 when I moved to Austin and got a DVR. I currently have 12 DVDs and enough material to make at least 1 more; each DVD holds 3 45-minute episodes. I have never been able to find a complete episode list for this documentary series.

Episode List:
  • 54th Massachusetts
  • Frederick Douglass
  • John Brown's War
  • Battlefield Medicine
  • Women at War
  • First Ladies
  • Stonewall Jackson
  • Pickett's Charge
  • The Gray Ghost - John Mosby
  • Destiny at Fort Sumter
  • Battle of 1st Bull Run
  • The Traitor President
  • McClennan's Way
  • Dan Sickles
  • Gen. Joshua Chamberlain
  • Battle of Charleston
  • Days of Darkness
  • Secret War: Civil War Spies
  • Lincoln & Gettysburg
  • Robert E Lee
  • Zouaves!
  • Battle of Chattanooga
  • Battle of Vicksburg
  • Sherman and his March to the Sea
  • Garden of the Dead: Arlington Cemetery
  • West Point Classmates
  • Battles of Franklin and Nashville
  • Battle of Fredericksburg
  • USS Monitor vs. CSS Virginia
  • Alexander Gardner
  • Banners of Glory
  • Terrible Swift Sword - the Union Cavalry
  • Boy Generals
  • Caught in the Maelstrom: Civilians in the War
  • Yank vs. Reb: The Foot Soldier's Life
  • Shadows of Lightning: Jeb Stuart and the Cavalry
  • Iron Jaws: The Killing Power of Civil War Artillery
  • Mr. Lincoln's Butcher: Gen. Ulysses S Grant
  • War Crimes: The Death Camps
  • Reporting the War (not yet recorded)
  • Nathan Bedford Forrest (not yet recorded)
  • Born Killers: The Iron Brigade (not yet recorded)
Updated 26 May 2014
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