Sunday, February 10, 2008

An Unusual Document

A unique document – “Automobile List for the Funeral of Hannah Catherine Rodgers”

This document was found mixed in with photos and papers of my maternal grandmother, who is still living.  It names my great-great-grandmother, Hannah Catherine Rodgers, the date of the funeral (9 May 1953), the time of the funeral (10 am), the name of the cemetery, and the clergy that officiated.

In addition, the document lists the honorary bearers:

            John Williams  --  grandson

            William Williams -- grandson

            Willie Rodgers  -- not identified

            Harry Usher -- nephew

            LeRoy Usher -- grandson

            Bill McFeaters – husband of granddaughter

The document then goes on to identify the make of car for each family.  It is unknown who created this document.  

Identifications have been made by my grandmother, as well as research taking place in the past year and a half.  I feel as if I have been running in circles with this family, but I am convinced that something will come up soon!

Hannah Catherine RODGERS funeral car list
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