Saturday, August 11, 2007

Clinton Liberal Institute - 1884

This post includes images of the program for the Fourth Annual Public of the Clionian Society at the Clinton Liberal Institute, from June 1884.  This program, like the rest of the Clinton Liberal Institute papers, were found in my great-great aunt's possessions after she died.  It was her mother and aunt that attended the school.

Names included in this program:
C. A. Wilber, President
H. C. Walker, Vice-President
Geo. B. Cary, Secretary
C. H. Ballou, Treasurer
E. A. Ballou, Chaplain
W. A. Dunckel, 1st Critic
Jas. E. Dewey, Jr, 2nd Critic
J. D. Corby
F. R. Smith
L. C. Ehle
Signor P. Melti
A. Martin
D. G. Martin
Geo. Seymour
Fred Hanford
F. Titus
A. M. Banker
B. K. Helmer
Wm. England


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