Thursday, March 30, 2017

Richardson Research Questions

If you follow my blog or have visited my website, a major research focus of mine is my Dad's RICHARDSON family.

I've come up with a series of research questions that I am going to focus on for this family.

  1. Who were the parents and siblings of Jonathan (I) Richardson? 
  2. Where did the Richardson family live before Leyden, Mass.? 
  3. What was the name of Jonathan (I) Richardson’s wife? 
  4. What other children did Jonathan (I) Richardson have besides Jonathan, John, Joseph, and Daniel? 
  5. Was William Richardson (son of John) born in Ontario Co, New York or in Vermont? 
  6. Who were the parents of George O Pierce (grandson of William Richardson, son of John)? 
  7. What was the name of the wife of George O Pierce? 
    1. Request sent to Onondaga Public Library in Syracuse, NY for NYS Vital Records Index lookup for both marriage record and death record. 
    2. Received following citations: 
      1. Marriage: George O. PIERCE, m. 9 May, 1885, Venice, #5177 
      2. Emailed Venice Town clerk for instructions on how to order copy and costs on 3/30/2017. 
    3. Death: Hattie Pierce, d. 1 March, 1897, Canadice, #9088 
  8. Who were the neighbors of the Richardsons in Lot 70 of Livonia? 
  9. When did John Richardson move to Ontario County? 
  10. When did the family of Sarah Richardson and Asa Davis discover and convert to Mormonism? 
  11. When did John Richardson and his wife Betsey Phillips die? 
  12. Where were Jonathan (II) Richardson and Rhoda Thompson during the 1830 census? 
  13. How many children did Jonathan (II) Richardson and Rhoda Thompson have? 
  14. Is William Harrison Richardson (b. 1814) son of Joseph Richardson and Abigail Fisk the same William Henry Harrison Richardson that died in Lisbon, Juneau Co, Wisconsin in 1874? (Where were his male children born?) 
  15. Did William Ryder Powell and Mary Martin actually marry? Did they divorce? Is William Ryder Powell the father of Mary Martin’s son John Powell? 
  16. Was William Ryder Powell prosecuted for horse stealing in Livingston or Allegany County, New York? 
    1. Probably in the Supreme Court of either county. 
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