Thursday, November 14, 2013

Creating your DNA-haplogroup "family tree"

The more people on your family tree that have their DNA tested, the more you are able to round out your family's haplogroup DNA "family tree."

For example:

1. Me:
Mitocondrial: U2e1a

2nd Generation
2. Dad
Y-DNA: R1b1b2a1 (23andme) or R-M269/R1b1a2* (FamilyTreeDNA)
Mitocondrial: H

3. Mom
Mitocondrial: U2e1a

3rd Generation
4. Dad's Dad [Charles]
Y-DNA: (see #2)
Mitocondrial: Unknown

5. Dad's Mom [Eloise]
Mitocondrial: H

6. Mom's Dad [William]
Y-DNA: currently unknown
Mitocondrial: Unknown

7. Mom's Mom
Mitocondrial: U2e1a

4th Generation:
8. Dad's Dad's Father [Frank Seraf]
Y-DNA: see #2
Mitocondrial: Unknown (his sister had only sons; his mother's sister had only one son)

9. Dad's Dad's Mother [Hazel]
Mitocondrial: Unknown (no daughters, only one son living)

10. Dad's Mom's Dad [Byron]
Y-DNA: Unknown (no living male descendants; his brother did have male descendants that I think are living)
Mitocondrial: Unknown (no sisters; his mother had no sisters with descendants)

11. Dad's Mom's Mom [Mina]
Mitocondrial: H

12. Mom's Dad's Dad [Warren L]
Y-DNA: currently unknown [Warren L did have male siblings whose sons could be tested]
Mitocondrial: Unknown

13. Mom's Dad's Mom [Mary Jane]
Mitocondrial: Unknown (no living direct female relatives to test)

14. Mom's Mom's Dad [Frank]
Y-DNA: R1b1b2a1a2f* (23andme) or R1b1a2a1a1b4/R-P312 (through conversion for FamilyTree DNA equivalent)
Mitocondrial: Unknown

15. Mom's Mom's Mom [Mary]
Mitocondrial: U2e1a

I wanted to show that I got the haplogroup of #14 through testing of second cousin via 23andme, even though I had no one in my immediate family that could have done that test.
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