Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Slow blogging....

Due to work schedules being totally hectic, my genealogy blog posting had stuttered to practically nil.

However, I do have to share today's bridge survey story.

I was at a bridge that crosses the Red River from Texas to Oklahoma. Normally the Red River is pretty wide and I'm guessing pretty deep. With the drought, however, the Red River at this location is essentially nonexistent. And I thought, seeing multiple footprints in the riverbed, that I too could walk in the riverbed and take photographs of the underside of the bridge spans that I needed.


I got stuck. Specifically, one foot got stuck. My left foot. In a steel toe bot covered with a snake gaiter (to keep from getting bitten). And of course, every time I tried to move it, it felt like I was getting sucked further into the mud. My survey partner couldn't help as she did not want to get stuck in the mud as well.

Finally ended up using some tree branches to create a nest for my other foot so I wouldn't slip into the mud there and essentially dug my other foot out. Covered in red, red mud. And now I know where the Red River gets its name from.

And I don't even like mud when I am safe in the car.

Always an adventure. Especially when when we are going to end up driving probably 2000 miles by the end of the trip. It is only Tuesday and we are already at nearly 1000.

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