Saturday, July 10, 2010

"The Real West" TV Series - Episode List

Episode List for the History Channel documentary The Real West:

The Real West-Bloody Dodge City
The Real West-Boom Towns to Ghost Towns
The Real West-Buffalo Bill and His Wild West
The Real West-Coming of the Iron Horse
The Real West-Custer and the 7th Cavalry
The Real West-Geronimo: the Last Renegade
The Real West-Guns that Tamed the West
The Real West-Indians and the Army
The Real West-The Lincoln County War
The Real West-Notorious Robberies
The Real West-Outlaws
The Real West-Quantas Parker:Last Comanche
The Real West-Sitting Bull and the Sioux
The Real West-The Alamo and its Defenders
The Real West-The Final Clash: Wounded Knee
The Real West-Westward Ho: The Wagon Train
The Real West-Wild West Shows
The Real West-The Texas Rangers
The Real West-Trailblazers and Scouts
The Real West-The US Civil War Out West

Episode List (correctness unknown)
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